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Flatbed Trucks

For a permanent travelling solution of huge materials or machinery, you can use  our B-train trucks at very reasonable prices and they’ll surely won’t disappoint you.

 It is essential to familiarize yourself with the different types of flatbed trailers when planning to use one. With that, you can distinguish which type of flatbed trailer is best for your shipping needs.

If you are planning to use a flatbed trailer, you may visit our website for more needed information. Other options also include visiting our location to have a face-to-face experience. Furthermore, you can contact us on the provided number on our website for more support regarding the vehicles.

We’ve got experience helping commercial businesses and even individuals with flatbed shipping services.Whether you need a truck for a move or commercial purposes, our pickup trucks, flatbed trucks are available for daily, weekly or monthly rentals. We have the right trucks, at a great value, available when and where you need them.

To gain more knowledge about our vehicles, their functions, and types, check out the detail below:

 Flatbed semi-truck and trailer:

People often confuse the functions of the flatbed trailer and truck. However there’s a difference between both of them which is that a flatbed truck is an automobile that has an engine and is operated by a human. On the other hand, a flatbed trailer is a portable cargo area that is made to be towed by a different vehicle. A trailer cannot be propelled or operated independently. To fulfill the requirement of any job, a truck can utilize several kinds of trailers.

Flatbed trailer:

Flatbed trailers come in a variety of styles, dimensions, and maximum weight ratings. Because each flatbed trailer is unique in comparison to the other varieties, it’s important to pay attention to each one’s maximum permissible load weight.

A flatbed trailer is an example of an open deck device that has neither sides nor a roof. It is mostly used to move bulky, wide, heavy, and insensitive items like machinery, building materials, or equipment. It is significantly simpler to load and unload cargo because of the flat design of the body.

The cargo being transported must not be susceptible to rain because flatbed trucks have an open body. Considering its adaptability, the trailer is one of the most popular. The trailer’s length typically falls between 48 and 53 feet.

Types of flatbed trailer:

Flatbed trailers come in a variety of popular designs. HareakTransport  Surrey can fulfill your needs by offering a variety of trailers. Some of them are mentioned below:

Double-drop flatbed trailers:

These flatbed trailers have a lower ground clearance than the typical ones. Additionally, they are frequently utilized to transport material that needs a crane to load and unload.

Drop deck:

A semi-trailer with two deck levels. After it has passed over the tractor unit, the floor descends. Compared to a typical flatbed, it can transport taller loads on the bottom deck.


A lowboy trailer travels very closely to the surface. Because it sits so low compared to a typical flatbed trailer, it is known as a lowboy trailer. In contrast, lowboys can lift and transport 12-foot-tall pieces of gear and equipment.

Benefits of flatbed trailers:

Easily accessible loading and unloading

Large Storage Area and Quick Delivery Times 

Minimal Maintenance and Cleaning

Flatbed semi-truck:

A flatbed truck is a gigantic vehicle without sides or a roof around the bed and has a flat body. These trucks are typically used to deliver large loads that won’t be damaged by inclement weather or tough terrain. They are perfect for loads that are too big for trucks with enclosed bodies because of their distinctive bed design. With the aid of forklifts and other similar pieces of equipment, drivers can load them swiftly and effortlessly. However, not all flatbed trucks are created equal.

Benefits of Flatbed trucks:

These are some of the main benefits of flatbed trucks:

Simple Cargo Loading and Securing

Significant Load Capacity

Why choose a flatbed truck?

When it comes to moving a lot of material quickly, flatbed trucks are an excellent option. They are a very effective way to transport your things because they can load rapidly and move them with fewer trips. If flatbed trucks are what you’re looking for, please visit our website. We at Hareak Transport would be pleased to assist you with your wants and needs.